Corey Ritter founded Body Design Personal Training in 1999 and Body Design University in 2002. He has built an incredible team, serving over 5,000 active clients and students. Throughout his career, Ritter has coached a diverse range of clients, from clinically obese individuals to professional athletes, and has mentored thousands of personal trainers, helping them develop prosperous careers within the industry.

Ritter gained significant acclaim for his high-energy, no-nonsense program "The Fitness Factor," which was featured on YouTube's homepage. He has hosted CNN’s "Bod Squad" and appeared on Fox News and CBS. His expertise has been showcased in numerous publications, including the Business Chronicle, Sports and Fitness, Men’s Health, Shape, and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

With over 25 years of experience, Corey is passionate about helping others succeed. His client and student testimonials underscore his dedication and his proven track record, which includes over 10,000 success stories to date.

In addition to his professional endeavors, Corey founded Body Design Fitness Events, a charity focused on fitness-based fundraising and awareness events. Since 1999, he has generously donated a portion of his company’s proceeds to support charities he is passionate about.

A man wearing a dark sweater speaking outdoors with trees in the background. The text on the image reads, "Corey Ritter, Fitness Factor," with the CNN logo next to it.
A man named Corey Ritter, in a black jacket is standing outside in front of a camera, speaking about Body Design Personal Training, with trees in the background. Another person wearing a red jacket with "TRAINER" written on the back is visible to the right.
Two men in red shirts are standing in a park during a fitness event. One holds a microphone, interviewing the other, Corey Ritter,  both are smiling. The screen reads "LIVE," "Fitness Fridays," "Piedmont Park," with the news station's logo in the bottom right corner.
A TV news segment shows a reporter holding a microphone, speaking to a man named Corey Ritter with a "Personal Trainer" jacket. They are standing outdoors with people exercising in the background. The captions read "Cardio Blast Boot Camp," "Fox 5 Backyard," and news ticker information below.
Three individuals are on the set of a TV show, "Good Day". The man in black, Corey Ritter,  is holding up a food item, appearing to explain something, while the woman in a beige outfit and another man in a suit listen attentively. Various food items are placed on the table.
A personal trainer named Corey Ritter, assists a person lifting a barbell while another person observes in a gym. The space is filled with fitness equipment, exercise balls, and weight machines. Text offers details on personal training services, pricing, and contact information.
A man with short dark hair is speaking on a news program. The screen displays "HD 5 NEWS" in the bottom left corner and "COREY RITTER - BODY DESIGN PERSONAL TRAINING" at the bottom. He is wearing a dark patterned shirt and is positioned against a wooden background.
A woman holding a microphone interviews a man named Corey Ritter in a gym setting at Body Design Personal Training. Other gym-goers are seen in the background working out with equipment. The woman wears a purple top, and the man is dressed in black workout attire. Signs and mirrors are visible in the background.
A close-up of "The Sunday Paper" front page with the headline "LIFE" displayed. Below the headline, a photograph shows a group of people running across a grassy field on a sunny day. An event hosted by Body Design Personal Training. The logo "SP" is prominent in the corner of both the newspaper and photograph.
A magazine page features two articles. The left article discusses band workouts and includes an image of a woman exercising next to Corey Ritter, a personal trainer. The right article profiles director Steven Spielberg and includes a smaller image of him and another of the E.T. character. Text is present throughout.